My Journey With Adaptogenic Hemp CBD Oil Has Changed My Life!

I knew that CBD oil that my dad took changed his life. He has bulbous emphasema (idk if I spelled that right) He resently had a partial lung removal. He has had 3 heart surgeries. RA and a list of issues. He has been in a legit pain managment clinic a the hospital. After 16 years my dad wanted OFF the opitates. They wanted to not helping saying his heart just could not do it! What did my dad do? What ever badass John Wayne wanna be does. He said fuck you! He went cold turkey. OMG that was awful. His wife vapes. I knew of CBD at this point but, all I knew was that it could help with pain, inflammation, and cancer issues. He found a CBD oil where she gets her vape juice. It was $60 for what we know was diluted. I tell everyone that wants to use CBD oil check the source. Make sure you get what you pay for! Well dad got the tinicure. Guess what….it helped his words it saved his life. Made his withdrawl easier to deal with. Guess what. He is off any prescripton medication that is not required to live (yes his health is that bad). He stopped he CBD oil after that bottle due to price. He was off the opiates no withdrawl by that point. Well, I found something for him. Top of the line and affordable espcially for it’s quality. You find quality similar guess what you are going to pay out  the ass I am not even lying!

   Let’s Get This Straight

I am not a doctor. So, please do not ask me questions that would require a diagnosis. I can tell you what I have experiened. What we use the products for. If you have a medical question talk to your doctor. More are open to Hemp CBD oils because they are the mediciation in cannibis. So, you are getting the help without the THC. The products we started using and I know sell are tested as hemp naturally grows with 3% and less THC. Now a lot of people can get help from cannabis but, they have issues with THC. Most you Hemp CBD is going to have 3% THC at the most. Our products are tested at 3 different labs it contains 0 THC. So, this is a hemp CBD oil that is made for everyone to use and help.


What Do I Use This For And The People In My House

I take it for one according to my doctor who uses hemp CDB Oil daily we all have CBD receptors all over our bodies. When a child is breat fed they are actually getting CBD in the mothers milk. After that you become CBD defeciant. Think about how we feel and how our bodies are if we are without some vitamins or minerals that it needs. We tend to feel like shit. We tend to get sick. It really comes down to what the issues are.

I use adaptogenic hemp which is what you get with MyCLub8 for many reasons. Anxiety for one reason. Help with some bi polar side affects. Over all energy and health. Better more natural rest (I have insomnia I take prescripton meds which I am slowly weening off of because I do not need them now thanks to myclub8). It help with a body to stay hydrated. I have kidney disease it is that simple. There are proven cases where seems CBD has CURED CANCER. Yes they US may not aknowledge this because how much they make off cancer and no I am not one of the conspiracy nut jobs! It just helps our body. I started with Nano Drops which is a CBD drink enhancer that is tasteless. I had immediate results. My normal shakes gone. I felt better in general. As my CBD levels reach a better level I am feel so much better with time. CBD is known as a natural anti-inflamatory! I have RA. RA meds are very hard on the body. I have I/C which is not even fully understood. But, it is known that it involves inflammation. I have Lupus (external) that seems like it maybe in remission? Over a year and no flare at least not something that I am not thinking is something else. I am currently waiting on new blood work that should go into that more. It helps with ADHD sysmptoms in some people. It helps with ADD syptoms. I should say should. Every body is different and every case is different and everyone is going to have their own experience.

Right now I am using Nano Drops, Nano ZZZ shots, and the Calm tinicure. I plan to add the 2 gummy vitmains and then maybe just a plain CBD tenicure. We have coffee and hemp protien powders and such.

The Rest Of My House

So, Yes I give some of the products to my kids for over all health. Their allergist thought it would be a good idea to help boost the immune system. I have learned that it helps my son on bad ADHD days. I can give him a small shot of nano drops and in minuets he is doing better. He also rests better. With him and his sister we will not see the results in their ADD isssues until school is back in. Right now it is more of a supliment more then anything. My husband uses the Amp up shots for work. It is a more natural if not all natural energy shot that also contains hemp CBD Oil.

When school starts I will update when I see how things go as far as different for the kids being on the CBD during school. If you have any questions about what you can uses these products for ask. Or simple google it. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY PEOPLE OR GROUPS THAT TELL YOU WITHOUT THC YOU GET NO RESULTS. THERE ARE A TON THAT CAN NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH THC TO HELP THEM. Some can NOT handle THC they had adverse reactions. I use to.


Hemp CBD Oil Is 100% Legall In The US It Is Not The Samething as Marijuana.

Now, with myclub8 you will hear adaptogic hemp. Adaptogenic herbs. Terpentines. Let me explain. This is what adaptogic means.18156962_10212169040721781_7476206697571375790_n

Not like marijuana, hemp does not have a strong flavor and is not referred to as an aromatic plant, therefore the terpene profile of hemp is a bit less significant than that of marijuana. But the plant still contains such compounds, and none of them are psychoactive. Terpenes in hemp have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, the most known of them being caryphyllene and myrcene.


The hemp plant contains 120 terpenes, but depending on the processing method, these can or cannot be found in the CBD oil. Oil made of hemp seeds is less abundant in terpenes than the similar product obtained from other portions of the plant (Hendriks et al, 1978).


Hemp contains mostly monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes (Turner et al, 1980), which can be concentrated into essential oils through steam distillation methods. Cannabinoids have no smell, so the flavor and aroma of hemp products depends on their terpenes profile.

You will not find products like these at these prices anywhere else. I am here for helping people because it has helped us (Including my father) I want to get this in as many homes as possible. Just google the Hemp CBD Oil Pros and you will see.

Buy or just look at our products here. We have a sale from now until Sunday not only do you get free shipping which saves around $11 but, you get 155 OFF. THE Nanodrops that have been in high demand are currently less the $17! It is the equivilant of 88 bottles of 1 liter Ph balanced hemp infused water so that is a GREAT DEAL! Do not let this pass you up!

Want to join for free? CHange your phyiscal life and help others? Join free totally free!

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I have so much more to come. Please share! I want to help as many as I can!







So, I have a very good story

This seems to happen all to often I have a great uplifting and inspiring story and I am having issues getting it out. I am have to do a video blog and link it. I have been missing so much that I feel like there is so much that needs caught up on!

Adaptogeic Hemp Oil

Yea it is basically Hemp CBD Oil with no THC. Yes no THC. I know most Hemp is 3%< ours is grow and extracted very different. You will never have oil of this quality until you buy from this comapny. Want to earn money with it? Let me know I will get you started (it is free FYI).

Who Knew That Hemp Would Be Hip?

I did! Why? My father and myself have been using it. I am glad to see something like an MLM with the highest quality I have found as far as the oil goes with the best prices! I get asked A LOT what can this do if it does not have THC. THC is not the actual medicinal part. CBD is! I know some will argue with me about that. Oh well. This is not something I read and decided to follow. I did research and tried it. Then, hoped on this chance. Club8 is waiting to merge.

Yes I Have Made Some Changes!

First Off Let’s Start With The Easiest One

Well, I have been making simple and vlogs for YouTube. I have several reasons why. Mostly to be informative and helpful. The kids contribute too! We want to do more but, until I get medical bills paid off. Until our patreon gets going. We are stuck being basic. We have grown to 50 subs lol. I am trying. I am working on a series but, every time I record the next video something happens. So, I am going to restart and try to get going again.


Other then that. It is a few daily blogs. Product talks, orthodontics, being a parent I/C, company promotions. Yes, for things other then myself. You can see my YouTube here and Subscribe 🙂


Then There Is This

So, if you want to help us make the YouTube channel professional there are some amazing ways to help here.

There are so many ways to help and so many things that you can get for your contributions! Including one on one custom made videos. 🙂


There Is Also This

Ok, so I am having issues with medical bills. It is more serious then I realised. Between the on going allergist and shots. Now Aiden has to see yet another specialist with his sleep. I have known that he actually has apena. He snores like a man and does stop breathing. I finally got a referal. Then, I also find out that something is going on with his ears. His ear drums are sealed. But, they do not vibrate like they should. Meaning that it is affecting his hearing. You can help us here. Please feel free to share. I have proof of everything too.

His sister has issues too. But, seems like it is a never ending deal with him. I did not start the orthodonic stuff knowing that we were struggling. Then, adding this bill too. Our insurance actually covers half of the orthodontic stuff. They are allowing me to make payments with absolutely no intrest. Amazing people. I just was not expecting to find all these other issues with him. I will update on his sleep study and ears as we get more info.

Then What I Am Doing For My Health

So, Yes I quit the company I was selling safety and conceal carry for. I just don’t vibe with the owner. I did not like paying almost $10 a month for a website. They could not ever keep ahead of 100 people.  I just one did not want to invest more time and money in a company that had been around as long as they have been and not be able to get and keep more the 100 consultants. Everything was confusing as hell to keep up with and place a simple order. That is like my best specialty and I could not understand half the shit. Then, to up the web fee on new consultants wanting them to pay yearly and charging more to pay by the month. So, I found a GREAT chance. I jumped!

So, back story. My father has had health issues. He has bulbus emphasima and copd. He has had a partial lung removal not quiet a year ago. He has been on so many heavy pain meds since I was 16……I am 36! Yes legally. He was on the highest type of pain meds that is avaible by prescription. Well, he is off of all that. He did it himself. Even with lungs and heart issues. He did it cold turkey and using Hemp CBD Oil. Yes with no THC. Now I know some are gonna screetch….hemp has Hemp has 3%< THC. While that is true. Where this company gets the hemp from is from clean soil. The exraction method is unlike anyother. It is outside lab tested 3 times. It is proven to have no THC. It is legal in all 50 states. There is a long process I can share with you. I will if someone asks. The comapanies are all merging. So, while I have a referal link to buy at the moment we do not have all of our full products yet. Which I have gotten to try and LOVE IT. I have been using the NANO drops for a month now. Which is a Hemp CBD Oil drink enhancer with NO taste! you can use it under your tounge….that way it does have a sour citrus flavor. Let me say I can not make any medical claims but, just the drops I have to YET have a I/C flair. I have energy. No more naps. I feel better. I feel more energized. I mean my father used the tenicure we have to get off of very high pain meds. He has used it to stay off of the stuff. AMAZING! There is everything from coffee yes with Hemp CBD. Hemp protien. Hemp CBD Oil infused water. Tenicures. Skin care. This is what we have to come! check it out.18156996_1368334639870523_4384024240016422698_n

That salve or balm is amazing. 10 squirts under the tounge or you can just spray it in your mouth. These will be out soon! So, I will give you 2 links. Here is where you can buy now!

Then, if you want to get in with Club8 now to be ready when the merge fully happens one I need you to add me here so I can get in touch and get you in the group to get company info.

Then, when you get in there you will have a chance to buy the products above at a discount! Then, you can earn too. I am here for helping people. I do not CARE about earning the money off this. That is how amazing to me this stuff has been. So, to join me in Club8 Click here and follow the instructions.

Who knew that hemp was gonna be so hip? Get on this natural wagon NOW!

I Am Doing This For A Reason

I know that it seems I am involved in a lot betten the hemp, posh, acti. Well, when Phuse Beauty had free signups I jumped because I use there products. Yes even their quiet blow dryer. I love it. I love all the other products including the shampoo and conditioner. So, I see a chance for a discount. I also see if anyone is interested in hair products including combs and brushes that are going to make your hair look better alone come here and check it out. Ask questions.

They are all cruelty and sulfate free. I love them. The drama free styling creme is like gel or mousse without the wet look and crunch. Also, thermal heat protectors. The BEST leave in detangler. This company has made my life easier as far as keeping the kids from looking like a wildabeast LOL. Katie has crazy hair. She has my hair. Aiden’s is beautiful. If he combs it LOL. He is a mess. I think he has longer hair then anyone else in the house. If you have any questions ask away!



I am still with Perfectly Posh. Click her to check out the new posh products. The sales too.

I am still with Acti-labs too and OMG they have some AMAZING new products. Some new formulas. Some new packaging. Click here to check out all the new products and reformulated ones. Plus all the original products.

I hope you are all doing well!

What Has Been Up?

So, I have been missing for a bit. Things have been hectic. Aiden has had yet another episode of strep this was the WORST I have ever seen him sick. I am talking 105 fever. Yes talk about scary. THEN…..Katie started vomiting. I don’t mean just a little. I mean BAD. I assumed that it was a stomach bug. Since she missed school I figured make a doctor’s appt and get a note. The next day when I woke up to call I noticed that her lips had been bleeding. Yes she was that dehydrated. So, now….I am afraid they are gonna send up to the ER for hydration. I did not realise that she had a low grade fever at that point. Which I should have known since she could NOT stay awake. I noticed on the way that she had goose bumps. I feel her I notice she is on FIRE! I have not had her sick with a fever in some time. As SOON as the nurse gets her vitals and weight and in a room she kicks her shoes off lays down and she is out. She said..I am gonna swab her which I figured they would. She gets it done. Katie goes right back out. Well, the doc did half the exam with her asleep. We like to have NEVER gotten her awake. She was spacy I mean like scary. She may only be 14 but, she is bigger then I am even with the 5lbs she lost in 3 days. So, if she passed out on me then what would I do. It happened once when she was younger. Anyway, it was the flu. Yup, one of the 2 things that we DON’T need in the house. We had in the house. I tried to keep them away from each other. She is 100% now and Aiden seems to have been lukcy here.


On top of all this they have both started in orthodontic treatment. She is in full braces. He is in a pallet exander for now. In June they are putting partial braces on Aiden for intervention treatment. Trying to fix his bite. I am documenting all of that and it is on YouTube.


Here Is Why I Am Documenting It

I was looking on YouTube when we had the first vist to figure out what they would be doing to Aiden. She got started the first visit. I wanted to try and see if doing interviention would be worth it. They told me up front it would cost more and we could wait and do it all at once. Well, I found a lot of either adults in braces. Or kids in braces and/or expanders. Nothing much of parents talking about what it is like with younger ones in treatment. It is not like he can take care of it all himself. So, when me and Tim decided to go forward to avoid the CHANCE of surgery I decided to follow them. Post it on YouTube along with me talking about it. So far, I have had a great reaction. I have had a channel for awhile. I have never really posted on it regularly. I have been now. I have became a YouTube partner. So, when I may get a check in years to come (you have to have a $100 to withdrawl and I do not have that many followers). I can put it on our doctor bills.


I am actually about to upload the latest update. I have a lot of catching up to do here as well. I have a ton of new things going on. I want to document them here that was the entire reason I started this to begin with. Some stuff I am going to edit. Some delete.


I guess I just wanted to update here. I have some new exciting things coming including some stuff I found that is great for my health!

Water Flossers

So, my kids both have or are getting a mouth full of metal. I am looking at water piks wow I had no idea how many there are. What is your favorite? I am looking at the Jetpik JP2000 elite. If you work for a company that sells water piks and you need some reviews get in touch with me. They will be used daily with an appropritate review. A written vlog and a video. I am serious I want the best of the best for my kids!

That Thing That We All Know About But Ignore

Now, I am not trying to say that the conversation or actions of suicide is gone ignored. But, I know that some freak out over things that is nothing and ignore the things that are there. Before I graduated yes I lost a child friend to suicide one we were never told if it was suicide or an accident. It was a boy playing with certain things that could be explosives trying to build a small bomb and he blew himself up.


I have had suicidal thoughts. I have attempted when I was a teen. Something adults tend to forget is how cruel teens can be. They tell kids suicide is not the answer grow up and deal with it. It is not that easy when you have no one at school. Maybe someone started a horrible rumor about you that spread thru the school. I think social media has made it worse. I was watching something that they brought in a professional and a younger girl that works at a place like the suicide hotline that is ran by teens. I mean the phones. Come on we were all teens some maybe teens reading this. We know when we hit a certain age some of us do not think that anyone understands us that is older then 17. It was kind of the point of the teen suicide hotline (I think that is the name).


I think some look at suicide is a joke or the pussy way. But, not to like make it seem like the right answer or to prove a point. To carry it thru takes balls. I could not tell you the many times that I have set and cried and had the same thought running thru my head. I am sure I have told others I trust when I have felt that way. I have really blocked that out that as an answer. I do realize as being someone left behind how much that answer is not really an answer as much as it is just avoiding your problems but, for life. You never get the chance to say I am sorry. To show others that they can be strong and face life because look at you and what you have came thru. You can actually help others if you chose to stay here with those that love you then if you throw the towel in a give up and really let’s be honest that is what happens when you commit suicide. I am not going to talk down about anyone that has committed suicide. It is sad. Like I said I have been touch by it at a young age. Then again at an older age.


We see it in Hollywood a lot either suicide or suicide by accidental. It is everywhere. Now I know that this is NOT a new thing. It has been around forever. The truth is though that it is happening at a younger age. Truth…most kids are not comfortable talking to most adult in their life. They would rather talk to some that they feel can relate to them, understand them, and that they trust. Kids trust there parents to a point. It really depends on how you as a parent have handled things in the past on if they are comfortable to talk to you or not. Let me tell you this, freaking out, calling mobile crisis is not gonna win their trust. Also, not believing them and tell them that they are over dramatic is not gonna win their trust. There is a medium ground. I am not saying you aknowledge that this is a real threat but, you do nothing. You start a plan that you go thru with them I would involve the school if that is an option. Look at options to get help that does not make them feel bad but, let them agree on help with you. Always give them the chance to have a say. If you have an emergency situation you will not have time for all this. At that point you do what you got to. Get them numbers they need to call and speak to someone when they feel the need. I think a lot of parents are either overly involved like never giving the child a chance to make choices. Or they just do not care or act that way.


I was a self harmer at an early age. Seriously and it went on for YEARS. Now, that was not being in a suicidal state of mind. Here is the thing that I found speaking to others like me. We start the self harming as an outlet because we can not deal nor handle the emotional pain. Turn it into a physical pain it makes it so much easier to deal with. So, please do not assume that someone that say cuts themself is suicidal.


Remember you are never responsible for someone else taking there own life. I will say that telling someone to go kill themselfs if they do you are responsible and if I am not mistaken You can be brought up on charges which is sad that we have to live in a world like that period. I have a teenage daughter I see first hand how nasty kids her age can be to each other. It is so crazy! the number one cause of death in ages like 14-18 was suicide on year. I do not know if that is still the current number.


Never take someone saying they are gonna kill themsleves as a ploy for attention. They need help! If you love that person you will help them. But, truth is a lot that do commit suicide don’t ever say anything. But, will discuss their final wishes and so fourth.


In closing do not ignore anyone that may need help sometimes a hug and a listening ear can be the thing that changes their mind. There is so much info out there on suicide find it. Read it. Put it to use!

If you ever need a listening ear let me know! I have been there and I am so happy I was kept here and I hope that i can return the favor and help someone else. I am gonna leave you with a song that always helps me when I get depressed over somethings.


What Has Been Going On

Well, I have been quiet busy. More so then I realised. This is me though trying to do to much at once. I am trying to get my personal protection and preparedness buisness up and going check that out here. I hope to get on the gun show circuit by next month at latest. I’m trying to figure out what I should buy to have on hand for any stock. You are welcome to make any type of recommendation! I need to get my buisness cards designed. I need to get them and some flyers made and passed out and hung up. Thing is I SUCK at graphics lol. So, I am waiting to set down with my husband and design something. He is good he just prefers to have my input when he is designing them. follow my Ready and Armed buisness here. Also, text protectme to 95577 I promise I will never blow your phone up. I only send very few if any texts out a month. I just update it for specials or sales. The free shipping with Ready and Armed has changed. Now, you HAVE to register as a customer for free shipping. It is free to do plus, you’ll get 10% off future purchases that are full priced. Our prices are already competitive. Oh, we have a incentive trip we can earn too. If you want to try for it you can. All you have to do is join. Then, hit the next level and your qualified. Of course you have to do the things that are required to level up which include taking at least 2 national certification classes. That means taking classes offered by the NRA that get you certified to TEACH a class. Which I think is the smart thing to do anyway. I love the company. We only have 102 ACTIVE reps. I guess that means that has paid their website fees and made a sale? Or maybe it means they paid their web fees. I could be wrong. Either way we are not flooding the market. We are not selling Chinese ripoff items. Only high quality items that are sold with a warranty. We do not take items and brand them with our company. We drop ship too. What that means is when you order from me that order gets sent to the supplier and they ship it for us. That means no overhead costs for storing products. Does our low prices make sense now? They should now click here make your customer account and pick out what you need. Then,  head over here to facebook like and FOLLOW my page to be able to reach pretty much any time for questions.

Remember I said that I have taken on to much I have lol. I’m trying to fill my weekends that are not soccer or gunshows with vending events for Acti-labs! Wait I want you to see this beautiful look I created thanks to that company and their products!

Ok so, then I get questioned when people see the prices of is this a quality product for such low prices. Well, yea it is actually worth more then we sell it for. The biggest secret? We own the manufacturing on the products. We package them correctly. There are so much in this. This photo explains it. 

We have some new products too! Including meal replacement shakes. Some are also dairy free. Guess what, they are made to EU standards for meal replacement. That means that they are higher quality then what is normally made and sold in the US for meal replacement. You will not find a cheaper meal replacement shake on the internet. You won’t find a meal replacement shake that is as good and HEALTHY as ours! All the ingredients and information are on the site. Our diet products are about nutrition. Not just killing your appiete so you don’t want to eat without any calories your body will hit starvation mode eventually and that not eating will backfire because you’ll start hoarding calories and fat in your body until you are eating properly again. So even if you use one of our diet products and it curbs your appetite you’ll still have nutrition and calories. So, no starvation mode. It’s all about health and nutrition. Click here to go to my website and take a peek. We are all over EU, US, and now CANADA! Any of you can order from my site you DO NOT have to use a local rep. I have customers in Ireland and I have a great relationship with them. I like making new friends. It is not all about the sales to me. Find me here on Facebook to talk about all things Acti! So, I am trying to get that going well for me so I don’t have to keep working so HARD to build my customer base and I can enjoy just TALKING to you all. I much more prefer that! 

BeforeI forget Posh night is coming! But look at this special that you should jump on. All my favorite products from the look natural line which is vegan. Plus, a water bottle that youcan use to infuse your water with fresh fruit! We all know water is important to your skin health!

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 Ok, so like I said I am doing to much. I am writing a book too! Yes! I am over talking about it and I am just doing it! Not to get rich or try by any means. I have some valuable information that I feel would be great to share! As of right now it will be a digital download at first. It is going to be as raw and real as I can make it without being sued lol. So, I will update about the book as I am finishing up. I’ve already restarted it 3 or 4 times. You can like and follow this page on facebook to keep up with the book and my YouTube Channel.

Yes I am working on daily YouTube videos! It will vary on content from day to day. You can find my videos here if I linked it right.

I’m also working on getting bows made and sold. I am adding some custom badge reels too! You can like and follow this page to keep up when I have new stuff made.

I am just trying to stay busy so I can hopefully stay out of the depression as much as possible. 

I figure the book will take more time. I’m so thankful for my new laptop so I can use it to write and keep up with my buisnesses. 

Hope everyone is doing ok! 

Bug Out Bag Part 2

Ok so I started a bug out bag blog yesterday and ran out of time to finish it. So, that’s the reason for part 2! 

So of course 

Shelter and bedding 

First off when you are looking for these items you want to stay small. Practical. Lightweight. Remember that the idea is this all goes into a bag you can carry. 

You can make a shelter with a tarp or use trash bags filled with leaves as a make shift ground pad. 

Remember being well rested both mentally and physically is extremely important  when things are rough. Here are some ideas followed by a few items you can buy rather then relying on finding things you may not find. 



-sleeping bag 

-ground pad

-wool blanket 

Polarshield Survival Blanket-5.99 thanks to the cost and size you can keep quiet a few of these. 

Rothco’s Polarshield Survival Blanket offers the ultimate protection in emergency situations. The reversible blanket features a high visibility side with the other side reflecting 90% of body heat. The survival blanket measures 82′ x 51′ and weighs less than 3 oz, making it the perfect addition to a bug out bag or pack.

You can buy the Polarshield Survival Blanket here. 

The Rothco Lightweight Packable Hammock for $39.99 is a great idea to have if you’re in a situation that you do not want to sleep on the ground. 

Rothco’s Packable Hammock is made of nylon taffeta parachute material that is lightweight yet sturdy. This lightweight packable hammock is great for camping or survival; the perfect addition to any bug out bag. Comes with 2 carabiners & 2 6′ ropes.

You can pick up the Portable Hammock here!

The Survival Tent is large enough for 2 adults. Very light weight. Small. Packable plus,  affordable you could buy and keep a few! It’s  $9.99 (everything from Ready and Armed ship free! Sign up for a FREE customer account and you will get a 10% discount on all regular price items too) 

Rothco’s Reflective Survival Tent provides effective protection for two adults from the elements in an emergency situation; the reflective material helps conserve body heat.The tent contains a 3 meter long nylon rope and is compact & lightweight for easy storage. Great for a bug out bag or emergency kit

But the survival tent here. 

Rothco Lightweight Survival Blanket  $5.99 another small light weight option. Rothco makes military grade emergency items. 

Rothco’s Lightweight Survival Blanket is a perfect survival item and is great to keep in your daypack, backpack, bug out bag or car. The survival blanket will reflect 90% of body heat to keep you warm during an emergency situation. Rothco is your source for military and outdoor survival gear. . The survival blanket will reflect 90% of body heat to keep you warm during an emergency situation. Rothco is your source for military and outdoor survival gear.

You can buy the Lightweight Survival Blanket here!

Polarshield Sleeping Bag Style Survival Blanket-$5.99 again these are lightweight and very packable. You can pack multiple ones. 

Rothco’s Emergency Polarshield Sleeping Bag is the perfect survival blanket that you can take anywhere! The ultralight survival blanket that can be used as a sleeping bag, which is also known as a bivvy or bivouac sack. Rothco’s survival blanket reflects 90% of your body heat to keep you warm. This emergency blanket fits easily into your backpack and is ideal for a Bug Out Bag or for your next camping or hiking trip. Rothco’s Polarshield Survival sleep bag measures 36’x 84.’

You can buy the Polarshield Sleeping Bag Style Survival Blanket here!

Red All Weather Survival Blanket- $24.99 this is a very nice option. It is weatherproof and washable. 

All Weather Blanket , Multi-purpose , Lightweight Superinsulator , Waterproof , Windproof , Easy To Clean , Lightweight , Compact Rolls Tight , Durable , Radar Reflective , Provides Warmth Comfort And Protection , Shelter From Elements , Moisture Resistant , Ground Cover , Equipment Covering , Reflective Emergency Signal , Reflects up to 80% of Body Heat

You can buy the Red All Weather Survival Blanket here!

The Rescue Survival Blanket is 66″ x 90″ in 2 color options and is a wool blanket. $24.99

Rothco’s Wool Rescue Blanket is naturally fire retardant survival blanket. The emergency blanket is made of 55% wool and 45% synthetic fibers with 1700 gram quality fabric. Rothco’s Wool Blanket is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Great for camping or emergencies situations.

You can buy the Wool Rescue Survival Blanket here!

Heat Source

This is gonna vary by area and season. Some places never really get cold. Some stay below freezing half the year. You know your area. This is why there is no 1 bug out bag for everyone! You need to make one for you and your families needs! 

Remember no matter what. You are gonna need fire likely! So you want to keep items for fire making no matter what. 

Starting a fire is a must when bugging out. I recommend having at least 3 different means of starting a fire on your bug out bag list of items to pack. Remember that the idea is to pack for 3 days. 

-ignition source(qty 3)

-Tinder(qty 3)

-waterproof storage

– i would pack cotton as well for a good starter. 

Flintstriker for $14.95 this is a REALLY GOOD product that everyone needs due to what what it does besides start fires. 

Flint striker fire starter with compass. The flint striker can be used to start a fire in an emergency situation, it has a spare compartment to keep dry tender for easy fire starting. Can get up to 8,000 strikes on the flint starter. The built in compass can help navigate your way when you are lost. Each side of the flint striker has some help reminders on how to preform SOS signal using morse code. It also has the alpine recuse signal in morse code and other hand signals for help. It comes with an adjustable nylon cord that can be used to wear as a necklace. The cord also has a built in emergency whistle for signaling

You can buy Flintstriker here!

Waterproof Matchbox-$2.99

Rothco’s Plastic Waterproof Match Box allows you to store your matches securely and protect them from the elements. The matchbox features a water tight screw top and striking strip at the bottom. The match case is ideal for survival and outdoor applications.

You can buy the Water Proof Matchbox here!

These are awesome! Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder in a 12 pack- $19.99

Long Burn Time , Light Weight , Burns Wet Or Dry , Nontoxic Fire Starting Tinder That Burns Even On A Wet Surface , Burn Rate Will Vary Upon Environmental Conditions. , If Entire Wetfire Cube Is Not Used It Can Be Reused For Up To Three Months , For Best Results Store Partially Used Cube In A Plastic Bag Or Container , Fully Sealed Cubes In Originally Packaging Can Retain Their Fire Starting Properties For Approximately 5 Years , Made In USA

Buy the Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder in a 12 pack here!

Rothco Ranger Flint and Striker Firestarter-$13.99

Ranger Firelighting Flint , Gsa Approved Currently Used By The Us Marines And Us Airforce , Dependable & Effective , Extremely Compact Designed To Pack Into The Smallest Survival Kits , Scraping The Flint Produces A Shower Of Sparks Suitable For Lighting Tinder , Flint Is Specially Affixed With Magnesium To Produce , Hotter Larger Sparks , Size: 3 Inches , Weight: 0.5 Oz , Nsn: 5110-99-565-2549

Buy your Rotcho Ranger Flint and Striker Firestarter here!

Fire Aid 

Add to this as needed. This is a very general idea. 

-Fire Aid Kit

-Insect Repellant 

-Mylar Survival Blanket 

Now, I have listed several blankets. 

 Rothco General Purpose First Aid Kit- $39.99 

High Impact Olive Drab Plastic Case With Moisture Resistant Gasket , Case Measures 7 1/2 Inches X 4 1/2 Inches X 2 3/4 Inches , Contains Top Quality Essential First Aid Items , Made In The U.S.A. ,

Buy your Rothco General Purpose First Aid Kit here!

Rothco MOLLE Tactical Trama Kit- $54.99 available in 2 colors. 

Heavy Weight 900d Polyester, Zippered Pouch, 7 Inches X 8 Inches X 3 Inches, With Molle Attachment, One Inside Pocket, Inside Elastic Bands, Contains Top Quality Essential First Aid Items

You can buy the Rothco MOLLE Tactical Trama Kit here!

Rothco EMI Emergency Response Holster Set- $69.99

Rothco’s EMI Emergency Response Holster Set includes holster, dual head stethoscope, window punch with pocket clip, lifesaver seat belt cutter, brite-light penlight (with batteries), deluxe ems shears, bandage scissors and straight kelly forceps. The emergency response kit is made from a durable 1000 denier ballistic nylon holster and features an easy to access glove pouch with 2 additional side pockets. Rothco’s emergency kit is ideal for emergency first responders and paramedics.

You can buy the Rothco EMI Emergency Response Holster Set here!


The implications of forgoing any of these for an extended period of time might lead to bacterial infections and a rapid deteriation in health. When bugging out, you need to be at the top of your game, so be sure to pack these items. 

-wet napkins

-Hand Sanatizer

-All Purpose Camp Soap

– Hygien/signal mirror 

– Small Pack Towel 

– Travel Toilet Paper  (qty 2 at least)

– Travel Size Toothbrush and Toothpaste 

– Other Personal Hygiene Necessities 

This is an area you will really alter for you and your families needs. I’m going to keep reminding you. The idea is to pack for 3 days. So 3 days x the number in your family. Or you can have each person pack their own bags with necessities. 

You also want to pull your packs out and check dates on everything every 6 months or so. Make sure it all stays in date. These items are great for backwoods camping as well. 


Next to weapons, this is the number 1 category that everyone loves to go  crazy over. Determine the must haves and forget the rest. Trying to practice what we preach, I recommend the following 3 tools for your bug out bag. 

-survival knife



I’ll try to list some I know where to buy. The Ready and Armed company is a small buisness. I am 1 of 2 reps in my state. These items are well made items. Most are from known and trusted brands. I’ll list some other tools that can be useful if you have the room to carry them. The tools are good for backwoods camping. 

Rothco 8-in-1 multifunction Flashlight- $24.99. This will give you some tools and flashlight. 

8-in-1 Emergency Tool Includes: 4 LED Flashlight , Flashing Red Light Feature , Seat Belt Cutter , Glass Breaker , Phillips Screwdriver , Flat Screwdriver , Scissors , Pliers

You can find The Rothco 8-in-1 multifunction Flashlight here!

Survival Buisness Card- $3.99

Survival business card multi tool that fits in your wallet with 11 functions. Can Opener Knife Edge Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver Ruler Bottle Cap Opener 4 Position Wrench Wing nut Wrench Saw Blade Direction Ancillary Indicator 2 Position Wrench Keychain/Lanyard Hole

You can buy your Survival Buisness Card here!

Rothco 5 in 1 Muti-Purpose Tool- $24.99

Rothco’s 5-In-1 Multi-Purpose Tool features heavy steel construction with a compass, interchangeable shovel, saw, axe and pick. The 5-in-1 tool also comes with a nylon carry case and makes for a great survival tool whether you are camping in the great outdoors or packing your bug out bag.

You can buy the Rothco 5 in 1 Muti-Purpose Tool here!

Wiresaw- $9.99

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet tough wire saw, look no further. The 21″ stainless steel multi-strand cutting wire has swivel points for easy handling. Even a lightweight backpacker shouldn’t skip adding this to his or her pack. It cuts through logs and branches with ease and is Ideal for a number of survival uses. The wire saw is lightweight and coils to fit into small pockets and it’s made out of Stainless steel.

You can buy the Wiresaw here!


Illuminations, like fire source, is something I recommend having multiple intances of as well. If one fails or you lose it somehow, you have another to take it’s place. Each item listed below has multiple uses, but, they all serve the same purpose-helping you see where you’re going. Don’t forget the extra batteries! 

-LED Headlamps

-Mini LED keychain

-light glowsticks

-mini LED light



1000 Lumens LED self defense zoomable flashlight- $29.99

The 1K Lumens LED Zoomable Flashlight is all the flashlight you will need, right on your hip! One Thousand lumens of blinding intensity, easily zoomable to pinpoint the beam where you need it! At 50 feet this flashlight can zoom from a 30 feet beam down to a 6 feet beam. New innovative lens simply extends to narrow the blaze of light over 1,500 feet! It has a blinding strobe setting for defense-disorientation and an SOS setting signaling. Made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum strong enough to be used as a self-defense baton. It measures 7 11/16” x 1 3/8” and Includes two 18650 Lithium rechargeable batteries, battery charger and belt clip.

You can purchase the LED self defense zoomable flashlight here!

Glow In The Dark Chemical Lighsticks- $1.99

Rothco’s Glow In The Dark Light Sticks will emit a steady glow for up to 12 Hours and come in a variety of colors. These like sticks are great for emergencies, event like Halloween, camping and other outdoor activities

You can buy the Glow In The Dark Chemical Lighsticks here!

Rothco 4 pack 6″ chemical lightsticks- $8.99

Assorted Colors: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow

You can buy the Rothco 4-pack 6″ Chemical Lightsticks here!

6-Bulb LED Solar and Handcrank Lantern- $19.99

Wind Up Or Charge In Direct Sunlight , 2 Function Switch For 3 Or 6 Leds , 16 Hours In Sun Will Provide Up To 6 Hours Of Use , 1 Minute Of Hand Cranking Provides Up To 20 Minutes Of Use

Buy your 6-Bulb LED Solar and Handcrank Lantern here!

Emergency Strobe Light- $24.99

G.I. Type Emergency Strobe Light , Flashes 60 Times Per Minute , 1 Mile Visibility, Meets Coast Guard Specs , Shock and Water Resistant , 1 Year Limited Warranty , ISO 9001 Certified

Buy your Emergency Strobe Light here!


A highly contested category in the preparedness community. Keep it simple though. If the bug out scenario allows for their use, you’ll be glad to have these items with you. 

-cell phone

-crank power charger

-emergency radio with hand crank 

Travel aids 

Don’t leave home without carefully thinking these through first. 

– $500 in small bills


– gold/silver bullion coins

-Local Area Map


-small note pad/pencil 

-emergency whistle

Rothco Lensatic Metal Compass- $8.99

Rothco Lensatic Metal Compass features a metal case with floating luminous dial, adjustable luminous marching line, thumb hold & magnifying viewer and sighting hairline.

You can buy the Rothco Lensatic Metal Compass here!

Rothco Military Marching Compass- $9.99

Rothco’s Military Marching Compass is liquid filled, the fluid will protect against excessive swing or wobble, improving readability while reducing wear. The compass also features a slide ruler, magnifying glass and an aluminum cast case

Buy Your Rothco Military Marching Compass here!

Wilderness Survival Whistle- $5.99

No bug out bag is complete without a survival whistle. This survival whistle can sound up to 120dB and can even be placed on a keychain. The whistle features a bifurcated tongue, 3 chambers and 4 flutes.

Buy your Wilderness Survival Whistle here!

Self Defense 

This is a controversial topic. Self-defense is something we should all give serious consideration. Bugging out, in it’s severest of circumstances,  is a survive or die proposition. Whether you choose handgun, a rifle, both, or just a can of pepper spray, it’s upto you. But, you can be sure in a bug out scenario, we’ll be well equipped to defend ourselves and hunt wild game if needed. 

If you do not carry a weapon or your not legally allowed to. I highly recommend some degree of self defense training. Especially if you have a family. 


-550 parachute cord

-cotton bandana

– duct tape 

– 55 gal contractor garbage bags (at least 2)

-resealable bags in various sizes

– sunglasses

– N95 Facemask

-Sewing kit

-at least 3′ of latex tubing or similar (i am allergic to latex. But, itis easiest to find)

-fishing kit

-condoms  (non lubricated) 

– binoculars 

-facepaint (think camo or hunting)

-military surplus survival/share wire. 

Emergency preparedness is not a fad, nor a hobby, it is a way of life. 

You can find a lot of these products Here. Ready and Armed do not charge shipping. So the price you see is the price you get. If you sign up as a customer which is free you get 10% off regular priced items forever. If you text protectme to 95577 you can get sales updates. 

If you can not find what you need on my site. Find local military stores. There are plenty of nice bags for bugging out on my site as well. 

Stay prepared. Educate yourself and your loved ones. Be ready. Things can change in minuets! 

Bug Out, What is a Bug Out Bag?

Ok, so with the climb in natural disasters this has been a big talk of bug out bags. Then you have those that are waiting for “STHTF” really. Which could become a reality. 
So what is a Bug Out Bag?

Abug out bang is a portable kit the normally contains the items one would require to survive for 72 hours when evacuating from a disaster, however some kits are designed to last longer then just 72 hours. 
A bug out bag is not one size fits all A excellent bug out bag starts with a great bug out bag list. 
Building a bug out bag does not have to be hard. It actually should be fun and enjoyable. I mean having a solid bug out bag plan, and planning well in advance should help put your mind at ease. 
Chose A Bag

1) choose the best bag for you

2) Only chose the bag after you have the items. 
Bug Out Bag Essentials
Water and hydration. The human body can go without water ONLY 72 hours, whereas it can go without food for about 3 weeks. Water is a MUST HAVE!!!!! One liter minimum per person per day os highly recommended. There are plenty of ways to do this. 

-carry drinking water bags you can buy the bagged waters here

-collapsible water bottles you can get everything for one of these here plus, a few other essectials

– hard water bottle- you can get one here. You can buy a different one here. These are all 1 quart.

You want water filtration systems and purofication system. They will turn any water into drinking water. 

Here is one filtration system info 

The Frontier Emergency Water Filter System is ideal for hiking, travel, and emergency preparedness. It is the perfect addition to your 72 hour emergency kit. One unit will filter up to 30 gallons (110L) of water. The Frontier Filter is tested and certified to remove l99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The Frontier Emergency Water Filter System is also easy to operate, just attach and expand the straw, submerge the filter end into the water source, and drink through the straw. Ultra light and compact, the Aquamira Frontier Emergency Filter System weighs less than one ounce and easily slips into a day pack, shirt pocket or travel luggage and is always ready when you need it. You can get one here for about 18.99.

Here is a 5 gallon collapsible water container 

Durable See-thru Polyethylene , Sturdy On/off Spigot , Carry Handle , Folds Flat

you can buy that here for $9.99

Portable Mini Water Filter Pump 

The Portable Mini Water Filter Pump can be used for outdoor adventures, fishing, emergency relief, camping, scouting, hiking, and military or whenever the need for safe drinking water. The Filter Pump provides the highest filtering accuracy. It can turn lake, stream, or standing water into safe and clean drinking water. It includes a three step filtration process that is unmatched. First is a pre-filter to remove sand, rust and other large particles. The next step is a carbon fiber filter which eliminates dirt particles, odors and heavy metals. Contrast this to granular Activated Carbon (GAC) used by competitors, which is not nearly as effective and sometimes leaves little carbon balls in the filtered water. The final filter is a medical grade 0.01 micron UF filter. This filter compared to popular competing products which have only 0.2 micron filtering. The Portable Mini Filter not only has superior filtering ability, but it is also built to last. Its steel insert draw bar provides strength and durability for reliability in the field when pumping water. The housing can resist pressure of at least 150 pounds. The UF Filter has up to 6,000L capacity. The Carbon Fiber filter (which eliminates heavy metals and unpleasant tastes) has a capacity of more than 1,000L but is easily replaced if used regularly with heavily contaminated or very dirty water. Replacement filters are available. It comes with a plastic cover that doubles as a container to pump water into. The 3 stage filter on the Mini Water Pump protect against protozoa, heavy metal, organic matter, smell, color, bacteria, viruses, and is suitable for turbid surface water. It does NOT require batteries. Comes carrying case, 2 hoses, 1 inlet hose with floater to keep pre-filter on top to retrieve the cleaner water, and 1 outlet hose. This unit can be used with the Portable water bottle(Sold Separately). You can pump water into the water bottle for even more filtration. It Measures 6 1/2′ x 3′ x 2′

You can pick up the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump here. 

Portable Water Bottle with Built in Filter for $41.99 

The portable water bottle filter turns rain, lake, and river water into drinkable water immediately. The water bottle is ideal for hiking, fishing, hunting, survival, military, foreign travel, and emergency needs. It removes 99.99% bacteria with 0.01micron hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and is BPA free. The design of portable water bottle filter is based on comfort and functionality so that it’s as user friendly as possible. It will filter about 400ml per minute; the filter can filter 80L before the filter needs to be changed. The portable water bottle has an inlet that the you can pump water directly into if used with the (Portable Mini Water Filter Pump). This would filter the water another time once you drink through the water bottle and save the life of the filter. The dimensions are 10 ½” x 3” and it will hold up to 600ml of liquid

You can buy the Portable Water Bottle with Built in Filter here. 

Protable Water Filter Straws $27.99 

The portable water filter straw is a mini water filter system that turns rain, lake, mountain springs, streams, and river water into drinkable water immediately. It can be used for activities like travel, hiking, cycling, hunting, camping, expedition, climbing, fishing, survival, military, and emergency. It has a .2 micron hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and is BPA free. The water filter straw has a portable design which makes it easy to carry. It has a cap with a dust free design and easy operation just stick in a body of water and suck. It features a multi-layer filtering technology and the antibacterial activated carbon filter will provide you with 400ml per minute of fresh clean water. The filter capacity is 1500L of liquid. It measures 6 ¼” x 1 ¼”. You should have a straw in your bug out bag for each person in your household and it’s not a bad idea to keep one in your car.

You can buy the Portable Water Filter Straw here. 
Portable Water Gravity Pouch is $14.99 

The Portable Water Gravity Pouch can be used to store your filtered water. It will hold 72 ounces of fresh water. It has an 18 inch hose with a valve and hanging handle to make for easy carrying and storage.
You can buy the Portable Water Gravity Pouch here. 

Venturer 2.5 Liter H20 Day Pack $80.99

Rothco’s hydration pack is ideal for any outdoor or survival situation. The pack features a Spring-Hinged Bite Valve, Detachable Hose, Easy-Fill Bladder, 600 Denier Polyester Construction, Nylon Lining, Padded Mesh Back, Vinyl-Lined Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Fully Adjustable Carry Harness, Mesh Accessory Pouch and Super-sized Bladder Compartment Area.
You can pick up the Venturer 2.5 Liter H20 Day Pack here

Food and Food Preparation 

Non-perishable food items,  some may require water and some that don’t. In a real bug out situation you don’t know how to scarce your water source might be. To be safe, plan for more scarce then you think. 

You’ll want enough food to last 3 days. We see people use plastic cookware for heat-resistance and durability,  we recommend metal cooking utensils and cook wear. 

Gi Style Aluminum Canteen Cup is $5.99

Butterfly Handle , Heavy Gauge , Fits Under All 1 Quart Plastic Canteens
You can buy the GI Style Aluminum Canteen Cup here. 

Gi Style Aluminum Mess Kit $9.99

Rothco’s GI Style Mess Kit is made of a durable aluminum material and great for taking on your next camping trip or storing in your Bug Out Bag.
You can buy the Gi Style Aluminum Mess Kit here. 

GI Style Aluminum Steel Canteen Cup $11.99 

Heavy Guage Stainless Steel , Butterfly Handle , Fits 1 Quart Canteen
GI Style Stainless Steel Canteen Cup here!

I am sureyou can find more supplies for your bug out bag on this site. 

Food and Food Preparation 

You’ll need -Protien/energy Bars 6 in quantity  (per person)

– MREs/Dehydrated Meals quantity 3 (per person) 

– spork again I would go with metal or aluminum. 1 per person 

-P-38 Can Opener 

-Metal Cooking Pot (there is a linkto a perfect light weight one listed above. 

-metal cup 1 per each person. Again links above to exactly what you need. 

-Pot Scrubber (i would assume these are anywhere)

– Portable Stove (I will link one perfect for a bug out bag since it is about saving space!)

– stove fuel (qty 8 tablets) 

Triwick 120 Hour Survival Candle and Camping Stove $24.99 this thing is cool I would grab a few. They are candle sets that can be camping stoves as well with the aluminium pieces needed for camping stove. 

Triwick 120 Hour Survival Candle & Camping Stove is made from Non-Toxic natural soy beeswax and can burn for up to 120 hours. Not only is this a great emergency candle, it can easily convert into a stove with included aluminum brackets. The candle/stove is lightweight & compact which makes it ideal for camping and emergency situations.
You can buy the Triwick 120 Hour Survival Candle and Camping Stove here

Portable Solar Kettle $84.99

The Portable Solar Kettle can hold up to 3 cups of water. It has a built in evacuated glass tube boosted by solar wings which increase the energy from the sun and can boil water in 30 minutes. The solar kettle is great for traveling, boating, camping, hiking, military, survival, and emergency needs. You can even use it at home to save energy cost. This is an easy way to heat and pasteurize water for safe drinking. It has no batteries, no moving parts, and no fuel cost it’s just an easy way to get hot water from Sunshine. It has a built in stand to hold the kettle reclined so it faces the sun. It measures 18″ x 4″
You can purchase the Portable Solar Kettle here!

GI Milpack Fuel Gel- $7.99

Indefinite Shelf Life , Three 1.25 Oz Packs Per Box , Burns Clean & Odorless , Each Pack Burns 12-15 Minutes

Pick up the GI Milpack Fuel Gel here!

Datrax ER Water (64/case) – $34.99

64 Sachets Per Case , 125 Ml / 4.227 Ounces Of Water Per Sachet , Purified Water For Immediate Use , Lightweight And Extremely Compact , Superior Packaging Materials For Optimum Durability , Case Dimensions 13.25 Inches X 9.75 Inches X 6.25 Inches , Case Weight 20.5 Lbs , 5 Year Shelf Life
Pick up the Datrax ER Water (64/case) here

Sopacko Super Pack Complete Meals with Heater – $193.99

Sure Pak Complete Meals Comes With A Flame-Less Ration Heater Which Is Activated By Water. Sure Pak Complete Meals Case Includes 12 Of Each: Entree, Side Dish, Desserts, Cracker Packs, Spreads, Beverages, And Coffees Along With Condiments. Direct From U.S. Government Contractor. Range Of Main Entree Types Include: Beef Stew, Beef Ravioli, Chicken w/ Cavatelli, Black Bean & Rice Burrito, Cajun Rice w/ Beef Sausage, Minestrone, Beef w/ Mushrooms, Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce, Meat Loaf, Chili Macaroni, Grilled Chicken Breast, Chicken & Rice Pilaf, Cheese Tortellini, Jamaican Pork Chop, Country Captain Chicken & Others
Pick up the Sopakco Super Pak Complete Meals with Heater here

Sure Pak Complete meals (12/case) – $175.99

Sure-Pak Meals are fully prepared and ready to eat fresh meals. Direct from a U.S government contractor. The pack contains 12 full meals of each; entree, side dish, desserts, cracker packs, spreads, beverages and coffees along with assorted condiments. These Meals are great for emergency kits and survival situations.
You can buy the Sure Pak Complete Meal (12-case) here

XMRE Lite Conplete Meals-$124.99

XMRE Lite Complete Meals are extremely versatile and are made with some of the best components available on the military MRE market. They don’t require water or any hydration and are fully cooked so they can be eaten straight out of the pouch anywhere at any time. They have a long shelf life: 3 years for military components and one year for commercial components. Both lightweight and waterproof, these MREs are the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preppers or anyone who is planning to be in a situation where they need food on the go. 3 to 4 different menus per case, military spec 8 oz each, 600 – 900 calories each.
Pick up XMRE Lite Complete Meals- $124.99 here. 


These items listed below are to be strategically layered to maintain a healthy body temperature at all times. 

 Your clothes selection will obviously depend on your location, climate and the other factors listed: body type, tolerances and levels of fitness you should evaluate your bug out bag every 6 months. At these times you’ll want to have a seasonal selection of clothes that you can swap out necessary. 

 At least 2 changes of clothes ensure you can always have a dry set wear.  The last thing you want while bugging out, and in the elements, is wet clothes. Not only are they uncomfortable,but hypothermia is a real concern not to be taken lightly. 

– lightweight long sleeve shirt

-convertible  (zip off) pants


-wool hiking socks (qty 3 pair per person)

-medium weight fleece

– hat with flex brim

-working gloves

-rain poncho

-shemaght (like a,mens tatical desert shemagh arab keffi yeh neck scarf)

This is gonna have to be a 2 part blog. I will write the second half tomorrow. This is something that everyone needs to take this 100% serious! Tomorrow I will cover shelter, bedding, heat source, first aid, hygien, tools, lighting, communications travel aids, and self defense. Remember you want everything compact. You want some things in your car with you too for emergencies. I’ll cover all that. 

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     Untill next time, 

          Stay Ready and Armed!