The Beginning Of A Newish Chapter

So, yeah I’ve been quiet here a bit. Had a lot going on. I have adult braces. Not flattering. Check out my YouTube channel to see videos there is a link to a video in a older blog I’m sure. If not look up Monroe Fayte or Jennifer Stansberry.

Well, me and my husband have known for awhile our son has some struggles with writing. Sometimes its just a backwards letter or number to spelling we have to decode but, Aiden knows what it is. I have brought this up and had it brushed off as he’s young for his grade. Here you start school at 5 no sooner. You MUST be 5. Well, he turned 5 his first day of kindergarten. Yay aiden. So, yes he just turned 12 I mean August baby and is in the 7th grade.

Recently my husband found some work of his as they don’t really do homework at his school (they piled it on me when I went there). He points out that aiden has several misspellings of simple words. I am sure you can tell that English, writing, spelling isn’t my strong suit. It is my husband and daughters.

A 504 Meeting To Start The Year

See I do these twice a year because he had food allergies. At the first one I spoke with the principal who I adore. I express my concerns I know Aiden is very smart for his age. Yet some of his grades do not show this. She agrees to set up an S Team meeting to see what everyone else thinks. Well, cut to the chase they highly suspect he has a form of dyslexia. I thought this. My husband did as well but, we never spoke to one another about that being the underlying issue. He reads well silently. He comprehends well. He how ever can not read aloud well AT ALL. It is crazy to see the numbers on paper. He looks average to slightly above then he bottoms out on reading aloud. OK , so this is a typical thing with people with dyslexia. I had no clue. I know adults with it that I would have never known to have it until it somehow came into conversation.

What Next?

Well, they are gonna test his hearing and vision. He will have some classroom observations. Academic Achievement assessment in the specific areas of worry. Spelling, reading, and math. Intellectual Functioning. Also, a review on somethings we already have a baseline for.

Now I Know Some Parents Would Not Do This I Have

I have told Aiden up front about this. Because it is already changing his schedule at school to get a better assessment. I have tried explaining how this works. Meaning explaining what dyslexia is. He has a good friend with a pretty sevier case. Aiden doesn’t judge her. Remember he has been around my non verbal special needs brother his entire life. But, now he starts either trying to joke about it….how he deals with something’s or he’s seriously asking me if he’s stupid. Which he isn’t. He is smarter in a lot of areas that most adults aren’t. I don’t want this to denfine him. This is a safe place for me to speak up to mostly strangers. I don’t feel like speaking out to some I know. I rather wait until we know more.

My question is this, how many of you have this diagnosis? How have you handled it and how can I help him realize he isn’t stupid as he says?

I feel bad because I have pushed him saying I know you can do better. Hoping it was laziness. I can’t do that any longer.

I Hope All Is Well

Blessed Be


Deep Thoughts Of A Mom Once Scilence Takes Over (Kind Of)

So, 9:30 hit which means kids bed times. I should go to bed but, this is one of those nights that I have a hundred thoughts going on. Like we need to set up to file our taxes. I use to do them but, now that we own a house the insurance bullshit and the fact that itemizing is a better deduction then standard I figure let a professional do it. It is a friend of mine who’s dad owns the CPA firm. I am happy to give you there info if you are close to Knoxville and do not have a regular tax guy or gal and while you are there you can try to pick me out of the wrestling hall of fame on there one wall where they owned and ran TXW wrestling for a bit, before The Dirty White Boy took the book, killed the federation and went back to that midget snake in the grass Terry Landel…..hey I think a click bait Idea just hit me. Use Terry Landel in a title on YouTube soon. He is hated even by Cornette (I hope I spelled his name right since he was a big influnce on the things I have done in the buisness, He has a great Terry Landel story he told on a pod cast once and it is great. If you are not local. Look up Terry Landel and Smokey Mountain wrestling. My ex husband worked for him when just starting out. He says he could not afford to pay him what he would have to have to work for that dumb ass again. He is so hated. I tried to get my hands on him when I was pregnant with my daughter. My then husband was stopped by him and he hates him as well as 99.999% of the knoxville and surrounding areas. Darren stopped and said hi and he said, this is my wife Jennifer ( Now I looked like a cow by this point lol). Landel took a look at me, looked me up and down and stopped at my pregnant belly and said I can see you done fucked up with this one. Saying that getting me pregnant was a mistake. That is a death wish to say such bull shit infront of a pregnant woman. I think someone should write a book in good taste; things you just do not say to, or in front of a pregnant woman. Some really need a manual. Can I get an amen from other moms out there?

I realised tonght after we left the soccer meeting for the middle schools boys soccer team that 1) Katie is much taller then I realised for her age and they were disapointed that she did not play on the boys team last year. Aiden standing next to boys his age makes him look like he is 5 in comparrison lol. He did not hesitate to ask if he could play keeper lol. Even thought they had 3 already. One they were not sure if he would be used. I bet one thing, none can put that ball like Aiden and I think that they are misjudging his size which pisses me off. Size means nothing. He is not afraid of shit. Ball gets in his box he will dive and cover it until the whistle is blown. Taking any kicks that were thrown. He can put IN the other goal if he wants lol. I hate that shit. They always said Katie was to small and she was gonna get hurt. She was the biggest on the team. Maybe not weight but, with those legs she can out run most because it doesn’t take as much for her to get from point A to point B. She is also agressive and was the only one on that team that would slide tackle. Girls that have played since 4 said they won’t slide tackle. She LOVED it. Aiden has played one on one with her. He can handle this. He will shock them. First time they see him punt like everyone else there jaws will drop. His biggest issue is his size he works twice as hard to protect the goal and relise on a great defence to help him especially if he comes forward to challenge a ball.

Tomorrow Is Valentine’s Day Whoopty Doo!

All realness I hate valentines day. My husband knows that but, I know that he will still buy me something. It won’t be a new gun this year but that is fine. I really rather skip it. I have lost a dear friend on valentines day when I was 17 and I just have not felt the mood to celebrate the Hallmark holiday. But, I am a good sport for him. My idea since we have a sitter, get plastered and play video games all weekend. What is your plans? Is it something you do make a big deal out of it? I really don’t see the point because we show and express our love all the time not just one day a year. We do get the kids something too. Honestly all I want is a stuffed sloth or a stuff pink flamingo.

This Bitch Keeps Following Me

OK I know a lot of you know who this person is I am not gonna use any names accociated with this situation. I do not want the drama this cum dumpster usually brings with her bought army that she paid for showing tits and ass and have them all beliving she is a great artist this naturally beautiful curvy woman with a great ass. He has to stand a certain way or she just has a flat fat ass. I have seen pics where she is actually pulling up as it seems to be sliding down her legs. She has had a recent weight loss. Maybe she threw up the other body she ate. I don’t know. I do know that several that had her nudes, yes the ones she claimed she never done and thought she could just remove them but, someone apparently had them downloaded and uploaded them on a free porn site lol. BYE a future real jobs. I am not one to usually slut shame or body shame but, she loves to do it to any girl she is jealous of or she feels threatened by them. Or they just don’t agree with her on something so she acts like a bad boss bitch behind a screen or on the phone. We learned last year or 2 that she is nothing but, all talk. A lot of us that know her in real life know what a shit person she is. Her facebook sheep don’t. Not yet. She will slowly expose herself. I think some do know they just don’t care as long as she is uploading naked to nude simulation photos on every social media platform. Guys and some gals if you look you’ll find the nudes you have wanted and that she claimed was never done and you will see, she is not built as she portrays herself. She told me once she does shit like that because she has low self esteem……yea. I do not try to expose her because I have enough evidence to do so because she is a social path and will always convince others she is the victim when she is the snake in the grass.

Recently, she launched a clothing line saything that each desgin a portion goes to a charity. Seems to change I personally would not spend the money on them witout proof of how much of each sale goes to the charity. A few look like a rip off. Or an “inspired by” image. One looks like what is actually a disney character. I am sure they would have a hayday with her. She is so stupid she belives the dumbest shit and denies the truth. Anyway, my point being I said from the get go, I doubted that she was sole owner. Sole desginer or if she even owned the company or a guy that is seen in a few of her videos does and is using her as a spokesmodle and saying it is her company (pppssstttt most from her home area hate her and there are usually very good reasons why!) Anyway, I learned that she used a “best friend” who worked for her for either 2 or 3 monthes helping her with deigns and such. No credit given to that person which is a common thing with her. She also would not even give this person a free shirt for all the help he gave her. That is not how you treat a friend or just someone willing to help you. I said for years she uses people and will continue because no one wants to think she will do it to them. So is art theft. She won’t even give credit to another artist for inspiring some work that some would look at as a rip off instead of inspration. She blocks people who spout the truth on her stuff. She wants no one to know that some of her so called art some parts were not made by her yet another artist or mass produced in china. She would throw together like $3 necklaces maybe $5 and sell them for ungodly amounts. She never sold shit until she started showing tits and ass. Normally I would not care about that shit but, She is just an awful person! She dragged my daughter into some of her drama who at the time may have been 12 or so? There is A LOT more I can go into that would involve stories of others and I am just not gonna go there they are amazing and do not deserve her childish bullshit.

By the way, I find it hilarious that forever, everytime a guy friend met her they seriously thought she was transgender I kid you not. One got really mad and argued with me until I mentioned it to her in front of him. Now, she lost weight and has tits the size of all the girls she has made fun of in the past. Plus, so many that know of her have legit asked me if she was ever pregnant when they seend nudes or her. She has more stretch marks with no kids then I do with 2 kids and 3 pregnacies (I lost a child at the end of the 1st trimester). That makes me laugh so hard! So much has been happening lately that I see about her and I realise that all the bad shit she has done is in one way or another bitting her in the ass. I just hope her boyfriend or fiance whatever it is this week cheats on her as much as she has him. He is a great guy and puts up with her and her whoreish thot ways. She would never be a house wife. She also will ballon back up when she stops getting her pictures made for free and call herself a model. Now, she has the clothing company which, there has been no proof that she donated shit to the charities that I have been able to find so far. I never help out a charity in the sense of buying something and a portion is going to a charity. I want to see how much and PROOF that it is being sent. Fraud is against the law.

She called me once when we were still friends asking me how to lie to the foodstamp office because they wanted her to work a job and if she used the money she made online that would cut her off she made $2,000 in a month single, no kids, no bills. I mean NO BILLS. Her father paid her bills until she suckered her sweet boyfriend into taking over. While she will go to a show and tell him he is not allowed. Yet she is a c-u-n-t.

I am waiting because when it all comes out guess what there are so many I told you sos waiting to be said. Like thousands. My kids that love everyone hate her after metting her lol. She sure is a peach.

On Other News

Who watches gaming videos? Me and the kids are thinking about streaming video game play sometimes to add additional content to my channel now that I think I have it figured out. We have some great games as well as some fun cheesy kid games.

But, YAY Aiden will be on the boys soccer team! I am happy for him. With his health it is good for him to be out in the freash air playing and getting exerise! Poor Katie was near tears because she misses it but, with her newly diagnosed condition I think Soccer would push it. Plus to be so young, she constantly compains with her right knee (I think). She does not need to injur her body that fast. But, she loves band and playing music at home on the piano. Summer is gonna be interesting to say the least with this. It is gonna be a learning curve!

Sorry I got off on such a rant! Love you all!

Life Is A Roller Coaster

Well, I know that I am very sproadic with my writting. I appologise. Honestly I have had one hell of the past few months. I know that the title is such an over used saying I am just mentally lazy at this point in time.


I do not remember exactly when I last posted or what it was even about. Sorry I did not even look before starting. So, I will go over everything that I know that has not been posted here. I know I post a lot about food allergy and such. So many still struggle to believe that food allergies are real and many have their own thoughts as to why. I personally think it is how horrible our food quality is unless you grow/raise your own. Nothing about my life is boring. I am still working on that book I started over a year ago lol. I am slowly working on it as I can. I have been busy trying to hustle and make some money. Bills, bills, bills! Kids are expensive they should have warned me!


                            I Finally Paid Off The Allergist/Asthma Doctor!


Yes! 2 years it has been! I did not do it alone! Those that buy things from me help, my ex husband helped, and I pinched every penny I could! that is a relief but, now I have about $600 or so I owe collectors over hospital bills. So, it is like I am rowing and staying in the same spot. I need a new car. It is always something I guess it would not be life if it wasn’t like that.


                                             My Granny Who I Adore Left


My grandmother which I call Granny passed in September. I have been broken since. She has always been very special to me. She was ok  I mean for her age. Then she just stopped thriving. When they sent hospice I went to her house. Aiden had the flu at the time so I needed to go while my husband was home. It broke my heart! She did not last a week while hospice was there. My mom called me around 9 or so on September the 24th yes the day before my birthday. Said, if I wanted to see her I needed to come soon that she was not gonna survive the night likely. I got there and she had the gurgles, some of you will know exactly what I was talking about. I crawled in her bed as best as I could not to hurt her. I held her hand and stroked her hair and I talked to her. I won’t go into what I said I would like that to remain between me and my Granny. She just stopped breathing and I did not want to say anything to anyone in the room yet. I wanted to make sure that she was just breathing shallow. She gasped and that was it. I had my daughter leace the room so I could tell my mom and the lady that had been setting with her who once was married to my cousin. She is a sweet lady I always liked her.


It all happened like a scene from a movie one that is always on repeate in my head now. It sucks. I do not really know any other way to put it. I miss her. I catch myself wanting to call her. Life just is not the same without her here. Though I know that she is still here with me.


                                     Aiden Has A Sucky Immune System


Yea we are not shocked. He had the flu in September of 2017 and then again in januaray of 2018 and guess what? I got it too and I get vaccinated. He has had hand, foot, ad mouth disease, Strep, and scarlet fever rash all at once. It was all going around school and parents will send there kids to school sick. If you are one of those parents FUCK YOU! They (the sweet office ladies) said that parents will treat a fever in the morning and send the kid to school and hope they do not get a call so they can go on to work or they do not get to lay around and be lazy. Guess what? Kids like my son go to public school. Some are worse off then he is. Keep your sick kids home. They will heal faster being home and symptoms treated. The high school. It is even WORSE! Otherwise he has been a little peach. When Granny died I seen how much that boy loves me. He would ask for me but, I laid with Granny until they made me move. She left with her hand still in the shape it was holding mine. But, he would ask for me or if I was ok. He said, I am sad my granny is gone but, I really hate mom crying. That broke my heart and made me really try not to cry infront of him. I have to go to a meeting at 6 this evening about Boys soccer for the middle school. I will update on if he makes it!


                                                           Katie Is A Vampire


Yea she really is kinda she has a thing called solar urticaria. Allergy to the sun and to extreme temps I do not know what the last half is called except crazy. So, I have had to learn a lot on this. But, I a glad that I have an answer for the mystery rashes and hives she was getting. Do you know what Solar Urticaria is? What? No? Where have you been? Seriously though it is like rare like 5% of the population or something like that have it. Anyway here is a video I put together which watch the volume it is high then goes down then get loud again because I suck at editing. You can view this here.


She has more like the first story. Not the last one. While you are there if you wanna help a momma out subscribe please and give us a thumbs up. I have joked with her telling her that she is a vampire lol. I told her she is a Twlight vampire because she don’t feed on humans. Explains why she likes steaks still mooing. Just making the best out of the situation and laugh. She is a sweet, smart girl with a great sense of humor. She is doing GREAT in band. I have a ton of videos of her performing with her band mates during marching season and then orchestra on my youtube which is subscribe while you are there. I never know what I will upload daily. Just whatever I feel needs to be up. She sure has grown too since I started this. She is 5’8 just turned 15 on Christmas Eve.


When my Granny passed I seen how strong Katie was. She did not like the gurgles so she would not really come in the living room. But, once I told mom and the other lady that Granny had left she came back in after we made all the calls and such that needed to be made. Katie would come in then and hug me. She cried but, I feel like in that moment she was stronger then I was. I am proud of the amazing young woman she is turning into. No one really bothered me or her as they came in. Some hugged me. Some spoke. Some didn’t come in while we were there I do not know if it was because there was so many in such a small room. One tried to make me feel better telling me that she must be waiting on me to come and talk to her. But, I had been there before. One of the days me and my cousin got her to eat some jello and drink a little water. I swear sometimes she was pretending to be asleep to avoid being bothered. She would open her eyes and give me a smile or a kiss. Maybe utter something. Then, next minuet she would not aknowledge others. She was a stinker like that. She loved Katie and went on about how pretty and smart and talented she was.


                                                            In Closing


I do not know what else to add at this point other then I really need to add subscribers to my YouTube channel. They are changing rules for moneitization yet again. I am sure it is to STOP all the smaller channels that are making money unable to until they are bringing a lot more traffice to their site. Which is crazy. I know I have a few that really only watch my videos (yes one is my mom she loves me). The other is a friend and she watches my videos and maybe music. I am really upping the content right now to attempt to get new subscribers so I can hit the amount needed so I do not lose the money that I have already since I do not get paid until I have $100. That is the minimum. I am ever so close to that $100 and I have not been monetized that long! So, please click here subscribe please!


Check out videos. Give them a thumbs up. Share them if you want. Turn on the notification bell so you do not miss anything from this crazy family.


Isn’t she beautiful. She is so proud in that uniform!


I’m A Proud Mom

My daughter started high school this year. Which also means her first time dealing with the pure hell of band camp. 

This was her very first performance at parents night!

Now I’ll list them as I come across.

This was at competition. I caught prelimes midway thru.

That is all I have on my YouTube channel. I’m sure more are there. At states the got superior on everything.  Check out my beautiful daughter!

I am so proud of her!!!!! 

My Journey With Adaptogenic Hemp CBD Oil Has Changed My Life!

I knew that CBD oil that my dad took changed his life. He has bulbous emphasema (idk if I spelled that right) He resently had a partial lung removal. He has had 3 heart surgeries. RA and a list of issues. He has been in a legit pain managment clinic a the hospital. After 16 years my dad wanted OFF the opitates. They wanted to not helping saying his heart just could not do it! What did my dad do? What ever badass John Wayne wanna be does. He said fuck you! He went cold turkey. OMG that was awful. His wife vapes. I knew of CBD at this point but, all I knew was that it could help with pain, inflammation, and cancer issues. He found a CBD oil where she gets her vape juice. It was $60 for what we know was diluted. I tell everyone that wants to use CBD oil check the source. Make sure you get what you pay for! Well dad got the tinicure. Guess what….it helped his words it saved his life. Made his withdrawl easier to deal with. Guess what. He is off any prescripton medication that is not required to live (yes his health is that bad). He stopped he CBD oil after that bottle due to price. He was off the opiates no withdrawl by that point. Well, I found something for him. Top of the line and affordable espcially for it’s quality. You find quality similar guess what you are going to pay out  the ass I am not even lying!

   Let’s Get This Straight

I am not a doctor. So, please do not ask me questions that would require a diagnosis. I can tell you what I have experiened. What we use the products for. If you have a medical question talk to your doctor. More are open to Hemp CBD oils because they are the mediciation in cannibis. So, you are getting the help without the THC. The products we started using and I know sell are tested as hemp naturally grows with 3% and less THC. Now a lot of people can get help from cannabis but, they have issues with THC. Most you Hemp CBD is going to have 3% THC at the most. Our products are tested at 3 different labs it contains 0 THC. So, this is a hemp CBD oil that is made for everyone to use and help.


What Do I Use This For And The People In My House

I take it for one according to my doctor who uses hemp CDB Oil daily we all have CBD receptors all over our bodies. When a child is breat fed they are actually getting CBD in the mothers milk. After that you become CBD defeciant. Think about how we feel and how our bodies are if we are without some vitamins or minerals that it needs. We tend to feel like shit. We tend to get sick. It really comes down to what the issues are.

I use adaptogenic hemp which is what you get with MyCLub8 for many reasons. Anxiety for one reason. Help with some bi polar side affects. Over all energy and health. Better more natural rest (I have insomnia I take prescripton meds which I am slowly weening off of because I do not need them now thanks to myclub8). It help with a body to stay hydrated. I have kidney disease it is that simple. There are proven cases where seems CBD has CURED CANCER. Yes they US may not aknowledge this because how much they make off cancer and no I am not one of the conspiracy nut jobs! It just helps our body. I started with Nano Drops which is a CBD drink enhancer that is tasteless. I had immediate results. My normal shakes gone. I felt better in general. As my CBD levels reach a better level I am feel so much better with time. CBD is known as a natural anti-inflamatory! I have RA. RA meds are very hard on the body. I have I/C which is not even fully understood. But, it is known that it involves inflammation. I have Lupus (external) that seems like it maybe in remission? Over a year and no flare at least not something that I am not thinking is something else. I am currently waiting on new blood work that should go into that more. It helps with ADHD sysmptoms in some people. It helps with ADD syptoms. I should say should. Every body is different and every case is different and everyone is going to have their own experience.

Right now I am using Nano Drops, Nano ZZZ shots, and the Calm tinicure. I plan to add the 2 gummy vitmains and then maybe just a plain CBD tenicure. We have coffee and hemp protien powders and such.

The Rest Of My House

So, Yes I give some of the products to my kids for over all health. Their allergist thought it would be a good idea to help boost the immune system. I have learned that it helps my son on bad ADHD days. I can give him a small shot of nano drops and in minuets he is doing better. He also rests better. With him and his sister we will not see the results in their ADD isssues until school is back in. Right now it is more of a supliment more then anything. My husband uses the Amp up shots for work. It is a more natural if not all natural energy shot that also contains hemp CBD Oil.

When school starts I will update when I see how things go as far as different for the kids being on the CBD during school. If you have any questions about what you can uses these products for ask. Or simple google it. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY PEOPLE OR GROUPS THAT TELL YOU WITHOUT THC YOU GET NO RESULTS. THERE ARE A TON THAT CAN NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH THC TO HELP THEM. Some can NOT handle THC they had adverse reactions. I use to.


Hemp CBD Oil Is 100% Legall In The US It Is Not The Samething as Marijuana.

Now, with myclub8 you will hear adaptogic hemp. Adaptogenic herbs. Terpentines. Let me explain. This is what adaptogic means.18156962_10212169040721781_7476206697571375790_n

Not like marijuana, hemp does not have a strong flavor and is not referred to as an aromatic plant, therefore the terpene profile of hemp is a bit less significant than that of marijuana. But the plant still contains such compounds, and none of them are psychoactive. Terpenes in hemp have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, the most known of them being caryphyllene and myrcene.


The hemp plant contains 120 terpenes, but depending on the processing method, these can or cannot be found in the CBD oil. Oil made of hemp seeds is less abundant in terpenes than the similar product obtained from other portions of the plant (Hendriks et al, 1978).


Hemp contains mostly monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes (Turner et al, 1980), which can be concentrated into essential oils through steam distillation methods. Cannabinoids have no smell, so the flavor and aroma of hemp products depends on their terpenes profile.

You will not find products like these at these prices anywhere else. I am here for helping people because it has helped us (Including my father) I want to get this in as many homes as possible. Just google the Hemp CBD Oil Pros and you will see.

Buy or just look at our products here. We have a sale from now until Sunday not only do you get free shipping which saves around $11 but, you get 155 OFF. THE Nanodrops that have been in high demand are currently less the $17! It is the equivilant of 88 bottles of 1 liter Ph balanced hemp infused water so that is a GREAT DEAL! Do not let this pass you up!

Want to join for free? CHange your phyiscal life and help others? Join free totally free!

Follow me here to learn more!


I have so much more to come. Please share! I want to help as many as I can!






So, I have a very good story

This seems to happen all to often I have a great uplifting and inspiring story and I am having issues getting it out. I am have to do a video blog and link it. I have been missing so much that I feel like there is so much that needs caught up on!

Adaptogeic Hemp Oil

Yea it is basically Hemp CBD Oil with no THC. Yes no THC. I know most Hemp is 3%< ours is grow and extracted very different. You will never have oil of this quality until you buy from this comapny. Want to earn money with it? Let me know I will get you started (it is free FYI).

Who Knew That Hemp Would Be Hip?

I did! Why? My father and myself have been using it. I am glad to see something like an MLM with the highest quality I have found as far as the oil goes with the best prices! I get asked A LOT what can this do if it does not have THC. THC is not the actual medicinal part. CBD is! I know some will argue with me about that. Oh well. This is not something I read and decided to follow. I did research and tried it. Then, hoped on this chance. Club8 is waiting to merge.

Yes I Have Made Some Changes!

First Off Let’s Start With The Easiest One

Well, I have been making simple and vlogs for YouTube. I have several reasons why. Mostly to be informative and helpful. The kids contribute too! We want to do more but, until I get medical bills paid off. Until our patreon gets going. We are stuck being basic. We have grown to 50 subs lol. I am trying. I am working on a series but, every time I record the next video something happens. So, I am going to restart and try to get going again.


Other then that. It is a few daily blogs. Product talks, orthodontics, being a parent I/C, company promotions. Yes, for things other then myself. You can see my YouTube here and Subscribe 🙂


Then There Is This

So, if you want to help us make the YouTube channel professional there are some amazing ways to help here.

There are so many ways to help and so many things that you can get for your contributions! Including one on one custom made videos. 🙂


There Is Also This

Ok, so I am having issues with medical bills. It is more serious then I realised. Between the on going allergist and shots. Now Aiden has to see yet another specialist with his sleep. I have known that he actually has apena. He snores like a man and does stop breathing. I finally got a referal. Then, I also find out that something is going on with his ears. His ear drums are sealed. But, they do not vibrate like they should. Meaning that it is affecting his hearing. You can help us here. Please feel free to share. I have proof of everything too.

His sister has issues too. But, seems like it is a never ending deal with him. I did not start the orthodonic stuff knowing that we were struggling. Then, adding this bill too. Our insurance actually covers half of the orthodontic stuff. They are allowing me to make payments with absolutely no intrest. Amazing people. I just was not expecting to find all these other issues with him. I will update on his sleep study and ears as we get more info.

Then What I Am Doing For My Health

So, Yes I quit the company I was selling safety and conceal carry for. I just don’t vibe with the owner. I did not like paying almost $10 a month for a website. They could not ever keep ahead of 100 people.  I just one did not want to invest more time and money in a company that had been around as long as they have been and not be able to get and keep more the 100 consultants. Everything was confusing as hell to keep up with and place a simple order. That is like my best specialty and I could not understand half the shit. Then, to up the web fee on new consultants wanting them to pay yearly and charging more to pay by the month. So, I found a GREAT chance. I jumped!

So, back story. My father has had health issues. He has bulbus emphasima and copd. He has had a partial lung removal not quiet a year ago. He has been on so many heavy pain meds since I was 16……I am 36! Yes legally. He was on the highest type of pain meds that is avaible by prescription. Well, he is off of all that. He did it himself. Even with lungs and heart issues. He did it cold turkey and using Hemp CBD Oil. Yes with no THC. Now I know some are gonna screetch….hemp has Hemp has 3%< THC. While that is true. Where this company gets the hemp from is from clean soil. The exraction method is unlike anyother. It is outside lab tested 3 times. It is proven to have no THC. It is legal in all 50 states. There is a long process I can share with you. I will if someone asks. The comapanies are all merging. So, while I have a referal link to buy at the moment we do not have all of our full products yet. Which I have gotten to try and LOVE IT. I have been using the NANO drops for a month now. Which is a Hemp CBD Oil drink enhancer with NO taste! you can use it under your tounge….that way it does have a sour citrus flavor. Let me say I can not make any medical claims but, just the drops I have to YET have a I/C flair. I have energy. No more naps. I feel better. I feel more energized. I mean my father used the tenicure we have to get off of very high pain meds. He has used it to stay off of the stuff. AMAZING! There is everything from coffee yes with Hemp CBD. Hemp protien. Hemp CBD Oil infused water. Tenicures. Skin care. This is what we have to come! check it out.18156996_1368334639870523_4384024240016422698_n

That salve or balm is amazing. 10 squirts under the tounge or you can just spray it in your mouth. These will be out soon! So, I will give you 2 links. Here is where you can buy now!

Then, if you want to get in with Club8 now to be ready when the merge fully happens one I need you to add me here so I can get in touch and get you in the group to get company info.

Then, when you get in there you will have a chance to buy the products above at a discount! Then, you can earn too. I am here for helping people. I do not CARE about earning the money off this. That is how amazing to me this stuff has been. So, to join me in Club8 Click here and follow the instructions.

Who knew that hemp was gonna be so hip? Get on this natural wagon NOW!

I Am Doing This For A Reason

I know that it seems I am involved in a lot betten the hemp, posh, acti. Well, when Phuse Beauty had free signups I jumped because I use there products. Yes even their quiet blow dryer. I love it. I love all the other products including the shampoo and conditioner. So, I see a chance for a discount. I also see if anyone is interested in hair products including combs and brushes that are going to make your hair look better alone come here and check it out. Ask questions.

They are all cruelty and sulfate free. I love them. The drama free styling creme is like gel or mousse without the wet look and crunch. Also, thermal heat protectors. The BEST leave in detangler. This company has made my life easier as far as keeping the kids from looking like a wildabeast LOL. Katie has crazy hair. She has my hair. Aiden’s is beautiful. If he combs it LOL. He is a mess. I think he has longer hair then anyone else in the house. If you have any questions ask away!



I am still with Perfectly Posh. Click her to check out the new posh products. The sales too.

I am still with Acti-labs too and OMG they have some AMAZING new products. Some new formulas. Some new packaging. Click here to check out all the new products and reformulated ones. Plus all the original products.

I hope you are all doing well!

What Has Been Up?

So, I have been missing for a bit. Things have been hectic. Aiden has had yet another episode of strep this was the WORST I have ever seen him sick. I am talking 105 fever. Yes talk about scary. THEN…..Katie started vomiting. I don’t mean just a little. I mean BAD. I assumed that it was a stomach bug. Since she missed school I figured make a doctor’s appt and get a note. The next day when I woke up to call I noticed that her lips had been bleeding. Yes she was that dehydrated. So, now….I am afraid they are gonna send up to the ER for hydration. I did not realise that she had a low grade fever at that point. Which I should have known since she could NOT stay awake. I noticed on the way that she had goose bumps. I feel her I notice she is on FIRE! I have not had her sick with a fever in some time. As SOON as the nurse gets her vitals and weight and in a room she kicks her shoes off lays down and she is out. She said..I am gonna swab her which I figured they would. She gets it done. Katie goes right back out. Well, the doc did half the exam with her asleep. We like to have NEVER gotten her awake. She was spacy I mean like scary. She may only be 14 but, she is bigger then I am even with the 5lbs she lost in 3 days. So, if she passed out on me then what would I do. It happened once when she was younger. Anyway, it was the flu. Yup, one of the 2 things that we DON’T need in the house. We had in the house. I tried to keep them away from each other. She is 100% now and Aiden seems to have been lukcy here.


On top of all this they have both started in orthodontic treatment. She is in full braces. He is in a pallet exander for now. In June they are putting partial braces on Aiden for intervention treatment. Trying to fix his bite. I am documenting all of that and it is on YouTube.


Here Is Why I Am Documenting It

I was looking on YouTube when we had the first vist to figure out what they would be doing to Aiden. She got started the first visit. I wanted to try and see if doing interviention would be worth it. They told me up front it would cost more and we could wait and do it all at once. Well, I found a lot of either adults in braces. Or kids in braces and/or expanders. Nothing much of parents talking about what it is like with younger ones in treatment. It is not like he can take care of it all himself. So, when me and Tim decided to go forward to avoid the CHANCE of surgery I decided to follow them. Post it on YouTube along with me talking about it. So far, I have had a great reaction. I have had a channel for awhile. I have never really posted on it regularly. I have been now. I have became a YouTube partner. So, when I may get a check in years to come (you have to have a $100 to withdrawl and I do not have that many followers). I can put it on our doctor bills.


I am actually about to upload the latest update. I have a lot of catching up to do here as well. I have a ton of new things going on. I want to document them here that was the entire reason I started this to begin with. Some stuff I am going to edit. Some delete.


I guess I just wanted to update here. I have some new exciting things coming including some stuff I found that is great for my health!